Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The festive season only means one thing for the hospitality industry: rampage.

It's based on the 'cause and effect' theory; people want to celebrate, and we are here to accommodate! How we manage to feed over 2500+ people a week in a table-clothed restaurant is beyond me; but we manage to keep a relatively high level of quality, because the turnover of food is so fast that everything is fresh! - It's because no matter how much food we seem to order, it never seems quite enough to feed you lot! I laugh when I see the 30 boxes of vegetables, 15 boxes of meat and ducks, 6 body-length Styrofoam boxes of fish that come in - then try to fit it all in a coolroom barely the size of my bathroom!

I'll tweet a photo of it soon, but imagine playing a game of Tetris... and you are losing.

But at the end of the day, as long as you are happy with your food and your experience at the restaurant I work at; I don't mind the ridiculous roster and hours. Just as long as someone doesn't forget that I also need a good feed and lots of good booze this time of year.

Here's a pic of some pork belly I've been experimenting with during the season (trying to perfect my recipe):

Mmmm new improved crispier skin w/ seared Hokkaido scallops

Brined belly from a suckling pig, marinated with sechuan peppercorns and boiled, then coloured on the grill


  1. chef lex the porky belly looks awesome hope you get some time off to chill after the xmas craziness! and hey change your comment option to username + url!

  2. Do you get to kick up your heals yet or does News Years bring with it the promise of a little more pain?

    Nice looking porks! No doubt it'd likely taste amazing :)

  3. Hi! was browsing through the internet for a pulled pork burger idea and found your blog, and I'm really happy it's about professional cooking. I'm a cook starting my journey in the industry, and your mise en place corner is something to look up to!
    so... anyways, merry christmas, as this post was about this!