Monday, June 8, 2009

I've got my rock moves

Being a chef is not glamorous.

12 hour split shifts (if you can call an hour break between 3pm to 4pm a split), no weekends out, constant exposure to cuts, burns and deadlines - all for close to minimum wage.

So why do I do it?

Love for food? No; I could have just cooked at home, without the pressure, on my day off (which would be a Saturday for normal people).

The rockstar image? Thanks to the many celebrity chefs out there (whom should I add many of them spend very little time in their own kitchen; but I have the highest respects for those who do) - I do admit there is a certain charm with the look someone gives you when you say you are a chef - but at what cost?

For me? It is because I am accepted. There is a culture in the kitchen that no one can understand - the etiquette of normal society do not apply in the kitchen; you get a kind of team atmosphere that you see with team sports on ESPN (which, honestly, if I had the talent would have been my preferred profession), with more vulgarity (amongst other things that can happen behind closed doors). But yet, a certain respect and discipline when it comes to the food.

And I get to play with some very expensive, exclusive ingredients. For free.

And in this line of work, the beer tastes better than you can ever imagine.

Welcome to Vue de Cuisinier - the foodie that will put up with rubbish for pay and a soul-draining lifestyle, just to be around food all the time, for God knows what reason.

I hope that revelation comes soon.

Official Blog launches on the 2nd August 09 - Stay Tuned


  1. I'm looking forward to many post about everything chef related. I wish I could be a chef, but at least I can live vicariously through you!

  2. Maria: thanks! But don't be a chef or else you won't have a chance to complete your mission of eating in all of the top 100 restaurants in aussie :) make sure you make a trip up to Sydney and at least try the top 5! Tetsuya's is a must!