Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the way the schnitzel crumbles...

a teaser post; I cannot help myself.

Friday NRL game night, at an undisclosed European bar and grill located in the vicinity of the Entertainment Quarter:

"We're going to get raped..." he whispers to himself, visibly trembling. I just started on Tuesday and the week has been pretty dead so far; but it is the weekend.

"We're going to get raped..." the chicken schnitzel chef repeats to himself (there is one chef for each kind of schnitzel); agitating to sort out his mis en place (means 'put in place'; everything a chef prepares to get ready for service). I've met crazy, but this guy has lost it.

He comes over to my garde manger (salad) section; still speaking in hushed tones.

"The boss doesn't like us doing it, but I'm going to start precooking off some now..."

It's 30 minutes before the restaurant opens; how many are you going to cook off?

"maybe I start with 10 kilos" *runs away*

what. the. F.

The Footy Rush. 3000 covers in about 2 hours. The docket machine starts chiming away; Schnitzel. 4 Schnitzel, table of 16 all schnitzels; pork, veal, chicken - I leave my section to help out my poor chicken friend trying to fit gigantic portions of beaten, crumbed fillets into a bratt pan that at most can fit 6 in one go. The dockets keep reeling, all over the floor; a bit more than a meter long. Someone pauses to replace the paper in the machine; it's out. *uck me it's only 10 minutes into service. I'm going to vomit.

The coolroom that keeps these schnitzel is the size of half a tennis court. By the end of the night, it's empty.

Lasted a month in that place.


  1. wtf indeed.

    im looking forward to more of your posts, consider me teased ;)

  2. holy crap, that is alot of schnitzel to cook in one night. If you only lasted 1 month I'm expecting more riveting stories to come

  3. LOL as someone that's on the other end of the scale, it's easy to forget that there are people working hard churning the food out!