Thursday, August 20, 2009

The adventures of Key Lime Pie

A and B are characters in this epic adventure;

A: Let's make key lime pie!

A: 17 dollars a kilo for lime?! This better be one damn good pie!

A: The recipe says put sugar in the base; wouldn't that be too sweet? it's shortbread!

B: Yeah, Don't put sugar

A: It says to bake the biscuit base, that's a bit wierd...

B: Tried it before it tastes funny

A: Cool! A pie that doesn't require baking?! I have found a new frien- Damn! My food processor reeks of tumeric! Time to take it back to the old school...

B: This is great there's no sugar in the recipe!

A: That's a great idea; add condensed milk to anything and you can say "no added sugar" haha!

A: Sheeba! Only have enough mix for four!

If you do the costing; that's $5 a pie! Stupid seasonal limes...

B: As long as the photo looks good it's ok

A: Tastes like crazy rich lime cheesecake


  1. Interesting account. Was everything in the first photo used for the pie? Well, everything except the pasta...

  2. LOL I love it! No added sugar...just a ton of condensed milk :D I agree, stupid seasonal limes! Though I was lucky the last time I needed to get them I bought 10 but the checkout person only charged me for 1 by accident. Heehee!

  3. Pie.. pie pie pie pie! Yum.

    (Seriously, were those the only ingredients you used in the pie? And what did you do with the extra biscuit base? Please tell me you covered them in chocolate mousse and went crazy? Yes?)

  4. haha, Key Lime Pie never did it for me even when I tried it in America, home of its origin. Maybe it needs a big blob of cream to cut the sweetness - great writing though!

  5. Simon: Everything in that photo was used for the pie - only half the butter. And yes I used the pasta.



    Stephcookie: 10 for 1 limes; very nicee I like :)

    shez: I sandwiched my pie with the extra biscuit and made "key lime biscuit" haha

    YaYa: haha an American sized blob of cream, too! What was your favourite American meal?

  6. Had to be the reuben sandwich (7 inches tall)and egg cream (no egg, no cream) and matzo ball soup at Carnegie deli in New York. I wish I'd known at the time they were famous for their cheesecakes as I definitely would have tried a slice, I love NY baked cheesecake!

  7. Oh yes! I had a hankering for this a while back (as does my friend who brings it up around her birthday hinting). The only thing is that I can't seem to find Key limes here. Do you know where to buy them?

    And yes ouch I bought regular limes and they were close to $2 each! :o

  8. YaYa: you were definately more adventurous than me; although the cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory were more than good enough for me haha

    NQN: The closest thing you can get to Key Limes outside of Florida Keys is Key Lime juice from (they're a shop in melbourne); I've never bought it - so if you do let me know what it's like ;)