Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Quick' Pulled Pork Burger recipe

This is a lovely pulled pork burger from Hard Rock Cafe, Key West MIA (with a side of mac and cheese mmmm). It was so much juicer than the ones they used to make at Hard Rock, Sydney - no wonder they shut down.

For those of you who have even attempted this sandwich, you will know that it takes 8-10 hours just to cook your pork for this dish!! But have hope, those who do not want to leave the house with stove on - I have one that only takes THREE very short hours.

Lex's 3 hour Pulled Pork Sandwich

1x Smoked pork hock (2, if it's small. Pic as above - but it looks drier)
4x soft, sweet buns (eg: hot dog bun, the one from kfc, tiptop white bread)
100ml white vinegar
1/8th shredded white cabbage

for homemade bbq sauce
100ml tomato sauce
40ml red wine vinegar
70ml maple syrup
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp dried chilli flakes
1/2 tsp cumin
3 tbsp worchester
1 tbsp tobasco
pinch of salt and pepper


For pork, put in saucepan of water until completely submerged. Add vinegar. Boil for 3 hours.

For BBQ sauce, add all ingredients together and mix well.

When pork is done, rip the skin and any sinew fat off (when it's cool enough for you to touch), then start shredding the meat with your hands - finer the better, but don't mince it.

Mix pulled pork through the bbq sauce.

Put into sweet bun, shredded cabbage on top and enjoy with sides of baked beans (heated up and mixed with the homemade bbq sauce for bbq flavour), coleslaw, potato salad... goes with anything sweet and vinegary.

Chef's Shortcut ;) Now you don't have to miss Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney. As much. *sniff*


  1. how long's a short hour? lol

    i wonder if this would work in a pressure cooker? sounds delish. homemade bbq sauce looks good too.

  2. 3 houuurss? But I want it nooooowwwwww...

    Hee hee but sounds like a pretty easy recipe just dump in water with vinegar for 3 hours?

  3. Mmm that looks super meaty and good. Is that a normal serving size for the US? cos that is HUGE, I would feel a bit sick eating that much everyday.

  4. Helen: Can I borrow one of your pressure cookers? because I know you have a few haha

    FFichiban: Easier than pie :) I cook so many complicated dishes in the commercial kitchen the last thing I want to do is to stress over cooking at home

    Stephcookie: that's the normal size in the US yes haha - my recommendation is to share, and do what I did and order 3 dishes just because I wanted to try everything. Very bad.

  5. I've never had a pulled pork burger before, but three hours!!! So much easier to buy one!

  6. Pulling pork. Sounds like a euphemism :P

    What's the purpose of the vinegar in the boiling water? Is the acidity used to help break down the meat? Flavour?

    I've always wanted to make my own bbq sauce, so thanks for the recipe :)

  7. The bbq sauce recipe looks epic!

    Oh and boiling/braising pork for 3 hrs is awesome, it comes out mega soft!

  8. Maria: If you find a good pulled pork sandwich please, *please* let me know - I will even come down to Melbourne just to have it! haha

    thelonefoodie: vinegar is for flavour mostly - I think all that fat needs a big of 'tang' to cut through it.

    Howard: Nothing beats homemade bbq sauce man - can even use it as marinade; try adding peppercorns and fennel seeds if you are: awesome on ribs!