Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Food Crawl!!

A couple of days off can only mean one thing: Food Crawl!! Load your wallet, wear elastic-wasited dress jeans, make sure the SLR memory card is empty and mates that have conversation that won't end in awkward silence after prolonged exposure (and can handle their wine).

Let's start with @ Manta Restaurant with mixed oysters; Clare De Lune, Bateman's Bay; Coffin Bay Pacifics; Sydney Rocks from forgotten location. Nothing beats a freshly shucked oyster... Except 3 different kinds of freshly shucked oysters.

House-made fries with black truffle, parmegianno regianno - ohh, the sexiness.

A whopping 1.5kg 5+ Wagyu rib eye on the bone w/ bone marrow and field mushrooms

Steamed blood orange pudding w/ lemon curd ice cream - needed something light after all that heaby meatness and truffleness.

Next, it's off the a fellow chef's house for more steak...

...with roasted veg, "Chef's Salad" (Beetroot, green beans, honey-glazed carrots) and of course cafe de paris!

Then for 2nd dinner, to the dark dens of El Bulli, Surry Hills: 6 tapas to share and Paella!

...And Churros with Dulce de Leche! Needed the Spanish chocolate and honey nougat ice cream from Subsolo; mmmmm...

Then it was time to get up for brunch at the Alliance Francaise Centre for some Parsley soup...

...And Cassoulet (if it had garlic breadcrumbs it would have been the best one I've ever tasted).

Finished it with Citron Muelle-Fuille

A stopover @ David Jones Foodhall oyster bar for more Sydney Rocks and Chandon NV Rose

Then head over to Lunch at:

To have some crumbed lamb brains with a corn fritter and fennel and broad bean salad

Blue Eye on Mussel broth, potato gnocchi and (more) broad beans

Duck confit with beetroot puree, baby spring onions, braised red cabbage

And now I am broke, but happy and full. Stomach can take more, but probably should have cut down on the wine consumption...


Care to join me next time? Up for the challenge? Let me know.


  1. Food Crawl is AWESOMMEE!!! This is exactly the same as holidaying overseas haha
    and I really must check out Manta steak if you keep going bak haha

  2. Yummmmm so much food! I'm definitely up for a food crawl haha

  3. Hehe I'd imainge that after that tour you'd have eager people beating down your door to join! Having eaten those dishes at Manta, I know how good they are-divine!

  4. oh im just getting full looking at all the food:)

  5. OMG. Broke, happy but definitely broke. I've heard of a second dessert stomach but a second dinner???

  6. FFichiban: haha never thought of it that way - I just love a good steak, period. :D

    Penguin: My next crawl I'm going to plan out the menu ahead of time so it's like muli-restaurant degustation you should come!!

    NQN: If I offered to pay maybe then I would consider re-enforcing my door :)

    Betty: Good that way; saves you money haha

    YaYa: 2nd dinner is my favourite meal of the day!

  7. WOW! that is a REAL food tour! There's no way you could end with an empty stomach and over indulgence is the only way to go!

    Love the pic with the rosary ring! It screams 'Get away from me before I puke!'

  8. Wow amazing food Crawl! Btw, nice griller for the steak. I can't find one like that from where I am now. And your Paella with crab?? Oh just sooo amazing, I can imagine!!!!