Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mi Paella

Are you ready...

Ah, Paella! Only the Spanish are able to have a dish so full of colour and expression!
Remember; just like stir fry, prepare everything before hand - especially because there are so many ingredients, you are bound to forget something! (In these photos I forgot the peas, and I ran out of saffron - sad face)

1 onion, finely diced
6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 kg calasparra rice (or Arborio if you're at woolies)
3 truss tomatoes, cut into chunks
handful of chicken tenderloin
handful of scallops
handful of prawns
baby squid
2 whole chorizos, cut into 1cm rounds
1/2 kg mussels
handful of frozen peas, or blanched green beans
kitchen spoonful of smoked paprika
3 pinch saffron
300mL chix stock
salt, jap chilli flakes, 1/2 bunch parsley (finely chopped)
*for a 24cm paella pan (serves 4) - alternatively, use 2 saute pans

First, using olive oil: sear the chicken, scallops and prawns - then keep aside in a mixing bowl. Don't forget to season the food!

Then, cover the base with more oil and start to sweat off the onions, garlic and chorizo (flavours the oil). Season with a pinch of salt.

Once the aromats start to caramelise, it's time to add in the rice; stir it around to coat it in the lovely flavoured oil.

Meanwhile mix the meats and seafood mixing bowl with the paprika;

Then add the tomatoes with the rice, letting it cook down just a little, then in with the stock.

Also, in with the meats and seafood (And all the paprika'd resting juices) spread evenly. The peas and saffron should go in now, too.

And also the Mussels - the juices these guys release? oohhh baby.

Let those mussels open up, and the liquid reduce down; have a taste once there's not much liquid left - rice still crunchy? add a bit more water. Smell burning? Turn it off!

Once all the liquid is nearly evapourated and the rice is al dente (not soggy), take it off the stove and wrap it in foil - letting it rest for at least 15 minutes!

Voila! Smell that! Hope you got that crusty (but not burnt) bottom! Top it off with chilli flakes and parsley flakes (Was too pov to pay for parsley this time)

Optional: serve with a side of scotch fillet.


  1. Lexulous! A recipe! Hurrah!

    The more I hear about this paella, the more gutted I am to have missed out. Looks so tasty (and far better than the one I ate this weekend).

  2. Hee hee glad to see you making the most of your paella pan :) I suggest another paella party to keep the ball rolling XD?!

    Hee hee I would order a side of steak for every meal if I could

  3. hmmm yum, looks delicious, especially with all that gorgeous seafood!

  4. Wow, my kind of paella with so much ingredients! Lovely photos and the end result looks goooood!

  5. Mmm looks delicious! Why is it that bad paella is so easy to find? I wonder why places botch it up so much :(

  6. shez: Should be more devestated about missing out on the scallop boudin! haha... I think paella will become my staple day-off food so maybe another time :)

    FFichiban: party at your house because I'm not cleaning up ;)

    Maria & Rilsta: Thank you! More the merrier! :)

    NQN: Because most restaurants don't have the patience, time or money to make a good one... very sad indeed!

  7. Ooh that looks so good! I love everything about paella, hopefully I can give this a try soon! Thanks for the recipe!