Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exclusive Look

All the bosses weren't around so I snuck in a couple of happy snaps in the kitchen:

3 pots of milk/cream heating up to make anglaise; all at one time! Ultimate multitasking: Ice cream, cardamon anglaise and a creme patissierre

No wastage: every part of any ingredient can be used

Breakfast from a chef mate next door (adjacent restaurant): French toast and crepe with fresh fruit and berries; whipped cream and maple syrup - even the staff meal looks classy!

Our breakfast: Korean pancakes! as the Koreans say: mmm yeeaaamm

Hmm this mix is on it's last days...

But as long as no one is going to shit themselves it's ok... just don't give any to me to eat O.o

This is how clean I like to keep my section: if you don't like it that your food takes an extra minute to arrive because I'm wiping down and don't want to work in a dirty, chaotic warzone (and your food to be made in one) - go to macdonalds.


  1. what's wrong with mcdonalds. at least they make the angus look sexy ;)

  2. Wow you are so neat! :O Haha ok will stay away from the wontons! lol

  3. I don't know if I wanted to know about the wonton mix...but the final product looks so goooood....

  4. We Koreans say that? :)

    I love seeing what goes on "behind the scenes".

    Great post! Absolutely loved it :)

  5. AM: they also made angus taste like someone chewed my cheeseburger and spat it out and refried it haha

    NQN: a neat and organised chef has more time to make sure the food that he/she sends out is made out of love - and stick to wontons on the weekends; life without wontons is missing something ;)

    Stephcookie: hahaa I think you just summed up foodblogging/photography in general

    Simon: Observing the koreans at work; yes - apparently all Koreans say that haha

    thanks for the props :)

  6. love the sneak peak! I'll just ignore the wonton comment....I may never be able to eat a wonton with confidence again!