Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China Doll

If they Head Chef asks you to come eat as a guest of the restaurant, you don't say no. As a matter of fact, if the Head Chef asks anything of you, you don't say no. Unless the question is about you doing something wrong.

So I brought my family to my place of work (after all that ranting about not eating where I work; I know - shut up) and have to say; I really enjoy the experience!

Somehow, the restaurant is busy on a Tuesday night - about 80+ in the restaurant while all the other restaurants were near desertion: The locals must really like chinese food.

"Don't order too much" Chef Frank says.

He hasn't met the stomachs of me and my sister.

After a beautiful apple and vanilla mojito on the house (and ordering a bottle of wine); we get started. And of course, due to my noobness to food photography, and also politeness to not let people wait while I take slow-exposure shots without a tripod, the following took place:

Meet John; your local fryer and wok chef.

Quiet before the (dust) Storm

Sashimi of kingfish and ocean trout with blackened chilli dressing, apple and microherb salad and homemade pickled ginger. Some days it tastes better with the kingfish, others the ocean trout - so don't ask which is better.

prawn, scallop and snake bean steamed dumplings

Szechuan style (hot and numbing) pork ribs - tasty. Szechuan-y.

Kurobuta pork and peanut San Choi Pow: if you don't know kurobuta - it's the wagyu of pork - if you're a pork lover: what are you waiter for?! go get yourself a belly!

On to mains:

We had this dish: And my photos of it are not any good - my sister's favourite.

I wish I had a photo of the Pork Belly w chilli caramel and Nam Pla Phrik - the bomb.

Back: Panang curry with wagyu beef shin - on the menu, it says Penang; so I was excited - but the flavours are Thai. So, not as excited.
Front: Tea Smoked Free Range Thirlmere Duck w Tamarind & Plum - the most awesome dish. On the Planet.

(Whas was) Dessert of Sago with passionfruit and coconut cream, and steamed banana pudding w chocolate ganache, choc sorbet and cardamon anglaise.

Finish with a dessert cocktail of VSOP Hennessy XO flamed with cointreau and star anise, clove, cinammon (don't sniff it, though *arf* what a kick!), and I leave, understanding why this place is so packed all the time... with corporates.

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  1. Wow sounds like you work at an amazing place and how nice of them to be their ultimate guest. The food descriptions are making me hungry and it doesnt help that its almost dinner time.

    Lol i totally understand when it comes to not letting people wait as the food comes out for photography lol. Do you usually take photos at a restaurant with a tripod?

  2. omgomgomgogmgm I sooo want to go back for that pork belly.. that was like fatty sweet heaven! The san choi bao was awesome too! but the hot and numbing ribs were a bit too salty for me. And of course the ducks were good, good tea flavour mmmmm

    hmm next time must take cameraz

  3. Kurobuta sang choi pow sounds so nice! Love a good sang choi pow, and they tend to be hard to come by.

    Must make a visit here at some stage.