Saturday, September 12, 2009

To be one of Them

Signs that you are not a very good food blogger:

1. Your Iphone takes better photos than your digital camera.
2. You accidentally eat most of the dish before you realise that you forgot to take the photo
3. When dining with other food bloggers, you must muster all your will to not eat the food while they find the perfect shot.
4. You have no recollection of what you, nor what anyone else ate.
5. You post photos in portrait, all the time.

These are things I discovered over a very rare Friday/Saturday rostered day off work, dining with food bloggers and eating in recently-opened places.

I would like to notify readers that all photos on this blog were taken with an Iphone:

Bread and Dip @ Sahara Restaurant, Parramatta - the winner was definitely the spinach and ricotta concoction. The babaganoush and hommous had a very high 'meh' factor.

No one can go wrong with grilled lamb, yoghurt and mint on the same plate - awesome salad, too - fresh tomato and cucumber flavours with the right touch of lemon juice, oil and seasoning.

Turkish coffee and 'chewy' ice cream. The ice cream had the texture of a french kiss. A very, very, bad one. Couldn't finish... a whole spoon of it.

Moving on to the next culinary location;
@chocolatesuze's for cheese and an indescribable variety of prosciutto! At this point, I would like to publicly thank @thelonefoodie for his generosity in providing the more exotic cured hams - especially those jamons; that black one (excuse my ignorance for not knowing names, but my spanish is rusty) - poetry about the complexity and balance of swine!

On to a recently-opened Jap place in Maroubra: Kokoroya.

Located somewhere on the darker parts of Anzac parade; this place fills the Japanese void in that location - well done guys.

Edamame - this and Sapporo should replace the popcorn and coke at the movies.

Mixed Sashimi and Oysters $25 - nice portions and fresh

Kingfish head w salt $17.50 - would have thought a kingfish head was bigger, but very tasty.

Pork Belly in Soy - $8; great value!

Just remembered about taking a photo of the pork katsu ($12) in the knick of time

That, with a lemongrass liquor and fresh juice cocktail was enough to be very happy with this new Japanese addition to Maroubra.

It was a fun weekend, back to the food factory; double-shift Sunday, can't wait.


  1. You're most welcome :)

    The good stuff was the Jamon Iberico; I believe the "de bellota" variety, though the butcher didn't specify which. At a little under $400/kg you'd want it to be!

    You're not alone with the list, especially with 3 & 4. For 4, a notepad or Helen does wonders :P

  2. Oh my, so much prosciutto! Now I'm sad I couldn't make it on Friday, my meal was nowhere near so plentiful and yummy :( Haha I do 4 & 5 all the time, oops. And hey I'm all for the iphone photos if they work! I'll join you with my itty bitty camera :)

  3. LOLOLOLOL at no. 2! And for no. 4 just BS using your photos ;) hee hee

    haha @Simon gotta carry a Helen everywhere now eh?

  4. LOL at number 3 & 4! haha im all prosciutto-d out now it might be a while before i can look at pork products... super thanks for the wine and mushrooms and cheese dude!

  5. lol. but i note that you're the first one to post about this lex, so does that make you the most efficient food blogger?

    and um, i ate prosciutto again yesterday. lol!

    much fun. thanks y'all for the fine food and company!

  6. Check all points 1 through 5! Sometimes you just gotta eat and bugger the reading public, hehe!

  7. Simon: That's the one that feeds on Acorns! I did my research haha! Did you know that Iberico reduces Low density Cholestrol and increases high density Cholestrol... aawesome who would have thought pig could be so good for you?? :D

    Stephcookie: I've told you before; respect to you for your awesome photos with tiny camera!

    FFichiban: I'm never believing anything your blog says ever again haha jokes

    chocsuze: But it's soo good... I had prociutto with my squid ink pasta the next day haha; your welcome - bon appetit!

    Helen: It makes me a food blogger with a short backlog of posts haha! Let me know what you think of Eat my Globe!

    YaYa: The greatest figures in history all defied the rules, so maybe you're on to something haha

  8. Yes. I probably read the same Wikipedia entry you did :)

  9. How funny! Although portrait photos are fabulous depending on the composition! See Souvlaki for the Soul for just how good portrait photos are (and I prefer them most of the time, especially for items I make myself) :)

  10. Holy crap, I just realized I'm not a food blogger either. I tick every single one of those boxes. My stomach is just a massive all consuming overcoming pit!