Monday, September 28, 2009

Don Corleone's + learning a trade

Chef whites drying enjoying the sunshine

I am currently taking a journey; a self educated path in food Photography/food blogging with my new Nikon D90, and the no.1 lesson I have learnt is: no matter how good the food tastes, it doesn't matter if it doesn't look good in the picture (I get paid to cook, not to take nice pictures).

So with photos from my massive 17-300mm telemacro lens, I would like to show you one of my favourite places to grab some fresh meat. And cheese.
Welcome to Don Corleone's Delicatessen. The most authentic Italian Deli around, who's passion for their product is so true, that you can even see them arguing with flambe in front of the deli - Grandfather, sisters, mothers, brothers; all getting into the action - but of course, in front of the customer they're all smiles and good coffee.

Yes kid, I was also in awe when I saw the produce in here.

Look at that range of cheese; the Pecerino infused with black truffle is a must try, but they've got a great range of Spanish, French and Italian cheeses - and they make their own ricotta - comes in low fat, too!

The meats! Oh the meats - hams and prosciutto from all over Italy and Spain - All Freshly sliced to order! From your Jamons to a whole leg of ham on the bone! Nothing tastes as good as freshly sliced - I guarantee you*.

Gourmet antipasto galore! You know what I love? Ceasar Salads with white anchovies in them; oh yesss...

Yes Kid, I want some EVOO too, but which one? I like The Little General. Wait, that might have come out wrong.

Mozerella, Italian drinks, hand made pastas and pasta sheets, gelato - have I yet to mention the home made pastas, lasagna and stuffed cannelloni?

my tip: If you're having a bacon and egg roll from here (or with freshly sliced and grilled pancetta) - make sure you ask for some napolitana sauce on it - freaking awesome!

If you're in the area check it out:

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  1. Oh you've joined the big shot camera people! Looks good :) Haha I love the name of the store! The bacon and egg roll sounds delish

  2. Have fun with your new camera! I couldn't live without mine (although mine ins a Canon). The shop name is so Godfather! :P

  3. w00t good choice man! but ... be careful not too many kiddy photos man... people might misinterpret haha
    I gotta check this place out for that bacon and egg roll mmmm

  4. I finally get to see what all the fuss is about! Gotta check this place out the next time I'm over at Tokyo Mart.

    With the little general comment, doesn't help that there's a little kid in the shot.

    I'm sure you had you reasons for going Nikon. There's a stark difference to the images, huh?