Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ever wonder...

...why Chef's do not eat at their own restaurants?

Yes, in some cases (more often than I'd like to admit); we know of the dodgy practices that go on in the kitchen; that chef that who never washes his hands, using the same chopping board for everything the whole day, the dirty sink used to wash dishes and defrost the squid. *vomit*

No, it doesn't happen at mine. As a matter of fact, I'm proud to tell you that we are so clean, we have to clean the whole kitchen 3 times a day! A bit of an overkill, but hey, if you have chefs in charge that like the place clean - I won't complain.

Back to why I don't usually like to eat in my own restaurant:

1. The magic is gone: Atmosphere is just as important as the food - you know what to expect, and you can meticulously and critically pick apart a dish because you know exactly what it's supposed to look and taste like, and where it came from - whether it was fresh or frozen, or 3 days old.

2. Working with people that you spend more time with than your family, you're comrades in arms whether you like them or not - being served by people you usually serve with does feels a bit awkward. It's like a slave being a slave to another slave.

Yes, strange imagery; but lets face it chefs and waiters - we're servants to the demanding masses that provide our paychecks.

3. I eat this stuff everyday; for free! why do I want to pay for it?

We like to eat, just preferably not where we s*it. Or is it the other way around? O.o - Dedicated to my Hayman buddies.:

How can you eat food prepared by these clowns? *doodoodoo*

Before the sexual harassment in the workplace meeting

It gets very hot in the grill section

As I said; once you know the real personality behind the food - will it taste the same? What things have you eaten, that at first tasted good; until someone said or you saw something that dramatically changed your opinion?


  1. Interesting insight. Didn't quite think that things would be that way. I'd always thought it was just a matter of either being bored with the food or knowing of any dodgy practices as you mentioned.

    Regarding the question, a certain Vietnamese restaurant in Flemington (though that hardly narrows it down). Had some decent food there but later found out it was fined for food code violations. Doesn't change my opinion of the meal but certainly takes that place out of the running for a return visit. No point in taking chances when there are so many other options...

  2. RORORORO it doesn't bother me, cos it just shows they are human and know how to have some fun :)
    As long as the food is still of the same good quality and produced in a clean environment I are happy :)