Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Hard or Go Home

That was pretty much the ultimatum my head chef gave me; to push myself to the absolute limit or just leave now. I was already pushed to the point of tears, and wasn't sure if I could keep up anymore. Somehow, most likely by divine intervention, I pulled through the tough weeks and came out stronger. To show for it, pulled off a 67 1/2 hour working week! (And father's day - OMG talk about non-stop ravage!)

To stay sane in that kind of environment however, I squeezed in some time to eat out at Subsolo @ King St and CoChin @ Surry Hills

Subsolo is a fantastic experience; I can see why the tapas trend is picking up so rapidly; and the competition is tight! I've been to tapas bars the likes of Emmilou, and they're all great!

I was at the restaurant and catering awards last year and they won 'Best Spanish restaurant of the Year' - and the owners were hot! I decided I had to check it out;

"I don't like warm olives.M. Said to the Roasted Spanish Olives.

"Just wait for them to cool down"

"Mmmm, much better."

These Crispy Gambas Fritas with chilli and lime aioli were awesome; I only wish they sold these in cinemas - fantastic snack food!

A.M: Me first on the Paella Valencia w/ Chorizo, chicken and mussels!

I'm on the hunt for good paella in Sydney so if you know one please don't keep it to yourself? Please? Although this was pretty decent - no crusty bottom though.

Conversation is dead right about now: Churros filled with dulce de leche, spanish chocolate and honey nougat ice cream.

And the Sangria is definitely the best one I've tried in Sydney (almost as good as mine haha... but seriously). As for the hot waitresses; maybe I'll try a weekday...

CoChin Review tomorrow...

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  1. Sounds like a killer week. Glad to hear that you made it through in one piece.

    I presume this was the churrogasm you were talking about?